FocusMaker™ is an invaluable focusing tool for any DSLR filmmaker.
It serves both as a simple and easy to use follow focus system, as well as a device for making long travel rack focusing consistent, smooth and fast at very high accuracy. It fits on virtually any DSLR lens and provides an unmatched accurate overview of your focus points. Its flexible ergonomics allow smooth operation with less fatique and camera jitter.

It is compact (less than 15mm thick) and lightweight (less than 100 gram) and fits easily in any camera bag.
It mounts in seconds and can be removed even faster and requires no heavy rigs or extra gear.
FocusMaker™ is ideal for small the camera crew – especially for photographers working alone.

FocusMaker™ Introduction
A quick introduction of how FocusMaker™ works.
An example with 5 different focus points in a scene.
This demonstrates highly accurate focus shifts at extreme shallow DOF (depth of field).


FocusMaker @ NorthSails
An example of using focus pull in the storytelling, while filming some of the craftmanship at the worlds largest sailmaker.
It is captured using only a very simple setup, with a camera, a tripod, and a FocusMaker™.


FocusMaker @ Koenigsegg
Having great fun playing with lots of focus shifts inside the production facilities at this famous super car manufacturer.
The smooth operation of FocusMaker™ balances well with the use of a sliding movements.


FocusMaker & Nikon Test
We had a great chance to play with some interesting cars and cool cameras.
This is sort of the behind the scenes from a testing of Nikon 7100.


FocusMaker & Canon Test
Focus shift with a crisp full frame camera like the Canon 5D mk III is a true joy.
Even at low light – sharp and clean results can easily be achieved.


FocusMaker at Night
FocusMaker finds the focus in the dark.
Even at total darkness – FocusMaker makes it easy to find your way back to your focus points.