Tips & Tricks: About the handle flex

A few users have mentioned that the handle will flex if you pull focus fast.

This is indeed intentionally, as we believe it is a great help to prevent camera shake – particularly when you approach an end stop.  However you can always choose to grab it further away from the end in order to reduce the flex. You can even grab the Ruler as a steering wheel if you have a solid stable tripod or if you e.g. are using a shoulder rig.

But if you operate the handle gently from the end – you can pull the smoothest focus from almost any flimsy tripod…


FocusMaker on Pancakes

Fits nicely on a Voigtlaender 40mm/f2.0 on a Canon 600D.
The FocusMaker just feels like a quality swiss safe lock on those well built manual lenses…
Also older Nikkor AI Manual lenses have a great feel – they do not come as nice anymore…

Tips & Tricks: Focus Lock

Did you know….

That the FocusMaker Sight also engages as a neat little focus lock that might come handy?
Just flip a clip into the sight like this, or pull back the sight just a little to flip it in:

FocusMaker goes beyond regular DSLR with the Sony FS700

Jeff Brown, creative director from has sent us these nice images and kind words:


“After receiving the focusMaker, I was impressed with it’s simplistic design. And for me every inch of space in my camera bag essential due to the world travel I have to do with a lot of equipment, so this addition to my kit took up no extra space, it lies perfectly flat! It takes about a minute to rig it up, and does a great job of setting the focus points in a matter of seconds. I have used a few rigs, and this is by far the easiest to carry and rig quickly when time is against you. I look forward to using it on more shoots in 2013
Jeff Brown, Creative Director, Superyacht Media”

Thanks Jeff!

Nice setup – would be awesome to see the FocusMaker in play along with that 240fps feature on the FS700…


Update on instructions

A few of our customers have experienced problems
reading the instruction slides in some outdated browsers.
As a help we have compiled this little one pager manual.


If you like, you can even print it out (without margins) and fold it up. Manual Focus Guide
But honestly, save your ink – we dont think that you will ever need it after trying the FocusMaker just once.

Here is also an alternative that reads nicely on your smartphone. Manual Focus Guide_mobile

Lens Notes

We have added a page with Lens Notes.

It might clarify the situation around most of the questions we have received lately.


NEW: Press Page

We are planning to collect articles and reviews from the web on this dedicated page: PRESS