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Tips & Tricks: Focus Lock

Did you know….

That the FocusMaker Sight also engages as a neat little focus lock that might come handy?
Just flip a clip into the sight like this, or pull back the sight just a little to flip it in:

FocusMaker goes beyond regular DSLR with the Sony FS700

Jeff Brown, creative director from has sent us these nice images and kind words:


“After receiving the focusMaker, I was impressed with it’s simplistic design. And for me every inch of space in my camera bag essential due to the world travel I have to do with a lot of equipment, so this addition to my kit took up no extra space, it lies perfectly flat! It takes about a minute to rig it up, and does a great job of setting the focus points in a matter of seconds. I have used a few rigs, and this is by far the easiest to carry and rig quickly when time is against you. I look forward to using it on more shoots in 2013
Jeff Brown, Creative Director, Superyacht Media”

Thanks Jeff!

Nice setup – would be awesome to see the FocusMaker in play along with that 240fps feature on the FS700…